My Picks from iHerb’s New Korean Beauty Selection

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My Picks from iHerb's New Korean Beauty Selection

iHerb, every Aussie beauty lover’s favourite grocery-store-that-sells-Real-Techniques-for-cheap, now has a Korean Beauty (K-Beauty) section! The prices aren’t too bad compared to other K-Beauty outlets like RoseRoseShop, considering iHerb’s cheap and fast shipping.

The K-Beauty selection is currently quite small (45 items), but it does contain some much-loved classics. Here are my picks:

Banila Clean-It Zero – $17.95 USD (vs RoseRoseShop: $12.63)

This is a classic cleansing balm, which is like a cleansing oil but easier to handle (read more about how cleansing balms work here). Rub it on your face to dissolve greasy sunscreen or makeup, then rinse it off with water – the surfactants in the formula help the oil wash off without extra help! If necessary, you can follow up with another cleanser. Used by itself, it leaves your skin softer than a regular cleanser, thanks to the oil-rich formula. Banila Clean-It Zero contains mineral oil as the main oil, which works well for most people. iHerb also sells the Resveratrol and Radiance versions.

Mizon All In One Snail Repair Cream – $14.35 USD (vs RoseRoseShop: $17.99)

This has a whopping 92% snail secretion filtrate, which is amazing at hydrating your skin, and potentially could act as an antioxidant as well (more on snail secretion science here). This cream is lightweight and absorbs quickly, with some great skin-plumping effects. I’ve only tried a small sample of it so far, but once I finish my current snail slime products I’ll be getting this one!

Tony Moly Panda’s Dream White Magic Cream – $8.35 USD (vs RoseRoseShop: $6.45)

I haven’t tried this particular cream, but I bought the hand cream version just for the packaging! It contains niacinamide, which does a million and one things for your skin (repairs, fades pigmentation, acts against wrinkles etc.). If I’d seen this before seeing the hand cream I would’ve probably gotten this instead, since I really don’t need any more hand cream in my life.

Missha M Perfect Cover BB Cream – $10.25-12.45 USD (vs RoseRoseShop: $10.39)

This was my first BB cream, and it got me into further BB creams. The coverage is a bit heavy, which is why I’ve moved onto other foundations now (my skin has gotten nicer so I’ve become a bit lazier with foundation). I’d recommend buying a sample first to make sure it matches your skin (although it’s still less than $15 USD, which is in impulse-buy territory for a lot of people anyway).

Skin Food Black Sugar Mask Wash Off – $7.35 USD (vs RoseRoseShop: $4.05)

The Strawberry version of this made it onto my favourite Asian beauty products list – it contains large sugar crystals in a hydrating base. I’d recommend dabbing this onto your clean face gently, getting into the shower, doing your other stuff then gently massaging it off, to let the sugar dissolve a bit and get finer before scrubbing. Otherwise it’s a bit harsh and uncomfortable.

Of course, along with these K-Beauty products, iHerb also stocks makeup and groceries – my favourite iHerb purchases are in this post, including Harney & Sons tea, makeup brushes, cheap makeup and coconut oil.

If it’s your first time on iHerb, you can use my code NUD131 for a 10% discount (and I get a tiny shopping credit to use on iHerb… which will probably go towards Mizon cream).

What are your favourite K-Beauty products? Are they on iHerb yet?

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    • I can’t wait til I can get all my stuff from iHerb, it’s so convenient and the cheap shipping is really the icing on the cake!

  1. That Tony moly cream sounds wonderful – cute packaging and magic ingredients?! There might be some iherb credit coming your way 😉


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