Fixing My Boyfriend’s Horrifying Skincare Routine (video)

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I am pretty non-judgmental when it comes to skincare routines, but some things just aren’t OK – and I’m sure you have someone in your life  (a parent, a sibling, a partner) whose routine fits into this category.

So for this video I thought I’d talk about products that helped ease my Horrifying Routine Person into skincare habits that don’t destroy my faith in all that is good and holy – they might help your Horrifying Routine Person too!

Check it out on YouTube here.

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7 thoughts on “Fixing My Boyfriend’s Horrifying Skincare Routine (video)”

  1. Having your bf in your videos is so cute 😂 Love how you guys can accept each other’s opinions despite the small disagreements! Hopefully he can be in more of your vids 🙂

  2. He really mentions all the things my husband would look for in a skincare product: “No residue on the skin”, “utility packaging”, “won’t spill in my backpack”.
    Meanwhile I am over here saying things like “soothing ingredients”, “strengthening skin barrier” and “respecting skins pH” and he just doesn’t care…

  3. Hey Michelle! Sorry for leaving a comment unrelated to this post, but I was wondering if you could make a post talking about sunscreen reapplication when using foundation or a tinted sunscreen. I’ve read your post about protection from blue light, and that’s something that really concerns me since I’m a software engineer and I spend a lot of hours daily in front of a computer screen (and I absolutely hate blue light filters, the color is very distracting to me and I can’t work properly). I’ve never really used foundation before (I’m not big on makeup) but after reading your post, I think I should start using at least a little bit daily. The problem is: I know sunscreen should be reapplied every two or three hours, but what are you supposed to do when using foundation? Can you apply it on top of it? Same with a tinted sunscreen, I’m assuming the tint here is lighter, but still, won’t the tint build up with every reapplication and end up looking cakey? I know you use makeup and sunscreen daily, so how do you do it?
    If you could talk a little bit more about this, I’d love you forever!


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