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Do you feel called to pray for others? Do you pray unceasingly?

You come become a volunteer for Uplifting Hope.

What we look for.

What we look for

  • Righteousness:

All of our volunteers are held to the highest standards of righteousness, and must be people who seek righteousness, treating every call of respect and confidentiality.

  • Compassion:

Our volunteers must have a heart of compassion. We judge not, and welcome calls from people of all walks of life. People are hurting, and to stand before God with petitions and declarations on behalf of his people you must stand before the throne with compassion.

  • References.

In order to be trusted with the sacred task of praying for others volunteers will need a letter of reference from their pastor stating that they are in good standing with their believing community and recommending them for work on the prayer line.

  • Followers of Jesus Christ.

Even through we pray from people from all walks of life, we pray in the name of Jesus, so we need volunteers who are bible believing followers of Jesus Christ.

What we look for