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Prayer does not fit us for the greater work; prayer is the greater work.

24 Hour prayer line
24 Hour Prayer Line

Our Story

The Uplifting Hope Elderly Prayer and Care Ministry began on a  prayer line. Through years of praying with hundreds of brokenhearted seniors who feel so alone, we saw how much they missed being able to go to church and being reminded every week of the love of God.

Therefore the Uplifting Hope Elderly Prayer and Care Ministry was founded to go to the Nursing Homes and Care Centers where our precious seniors are, to remind them, through prayer and worship services to fear not because the Lord is with them.



Where we serve.

We serve in Houston Texas at the Oasis Nursing and Rehabilitation facility and the New Faith Baptist Church.

Our Mission.

To be the voice of salvation through Jesus of Nazareth, connecting people more fully to his abundant peace and prosperity.

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