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24 Hour prayer line
24 Hour Prayer Line

Our Story

Uplifting Hope Educational Foundation is a Christ-Centered, non-profit, prayer and radio ministry. Prayer is one of the greatest opportunities, one of the greatest privileges, and one of the greatest ministries available to Christians. God will fulfill his purpose through the prayers of his children, so with the goal of praying ceaselessly, the Uplifting Hope Prayer ministry was created.


A plea for more prayer.

Prayer is the one power on earth that commands the power of heaven. Prayer and prayer alone, from the will of a life sold out to Christ can draw down the treasures and powers of Heaven into life here on earth.


Our Mission.

To bear our brother and sister’s burden through prayer, petition, empathy, and encouragement.

Dollars Raised

In our first month we have proudly raised enough to get started and launch our main program.


We start our first month of Five dedicated volunteers, ready to serve the community through prayers and petitions.

Prayers prayed

The number of community members we pray for and with is growing everyday.

Your Donations Make a HUGE Impact


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A Letter from the Board

Uplifting Hope wants to thank you for your support and your prayers and support as we launch our first program, the Uplifting Hope Prayer, and Share Line.

This program has been a long time in the making. The stakes have never been higher than they are now. Here at The Uplifting Hope Share and Prayer Line, we constantly ask ourselves how we can become more faithful and successful at prayer because few things hurt God’s children more than being confronted with an urgent need, and not being able to meet that need. 

We hear continually about the over eight thousand people who die everyday, leaving grieving families behind who’s lives will never be the same. We hear over the over six hundred million people who go to bed on an empty stomach, a number that is on the rise.

We see the growing number of homeless people on the streets everyday. 

A lot of us avoid the mainstream news program because we know that all we will see are stories about death,robbery, drug deals, war and sickness.

And each of us have our own struggles we are dealing with. 

Our own tragedies.

Our own heartbreak.

Our own Lose.

Our own trials. 

Look at the state of the world, a world where the light and life of God are little known, and seem impossible to see.

Surely there is a need for prayer.

Nothing, nothing but prayer to God for help, will avail.

There is a need for men and women dedicated to prayer.

There is a need for organizations dedicated to prayer.

There is a need for the Uplifting Hope Prayer and Share Line.





Anthony Cox

Anthony Cox

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