About Us

Our Story


plifting Hope was born out of the executive director’s need

to advocate for volunteer crisis chaplaincy. The need to advocate

         for volunteer crisis chaplaincy and to raise future volunteer

         crisis chaplains. Such patronship is a calling. Our prison

         fellowship program, and community engagement

        all stem from this calling.

Our Mission


o heighten the awareness of volunteer crisis chaplains through prison ministry,

chaplain advocacy, and community engagement.

Our Vision


ne day, everyone who seeks help in crisis will find help in crisis.

Our Core Values



In advocating for volunteer crisis chaplaincy we are often called into life and death situations that we are trained help families to endure.


We are dedicated to working with, and supporting volunteer crisis chaplains of all faiths.


The community trust comes first, guides the programs we hold dear and the people we serve. Our transparency is our strength, and the willingness to do whats right keeps us in good company. 


If any of us is to be considered great then it is because we serve.


Volunteer crisis chaplaincy advocacy, a calling we are honored to except is the right thing to do for our community.


Frequently Asked Questions

How do you chose the volunteer crisis chaplains you award?

Uplifting Hope does not select which chaplains are awarded. Our community partners who utilize volunteer crisis chaplains, in thier own mission, advise us of the volunteers they have chosen based on volunteer hours and tenure.

Is Uplifting Hope a non profit?

Yes, Uplifting Hope is a 501 (c) (3) Non-profit organization.

What is your organizations goal?

Our goal is to raise a new generation of volunteer crisis chaplains for prison ministry, law inforcement, hospital and hospice chaplancy to help familis in need.

How do you offer free chaplaincy sevices to the community?

Generous donors afford Uplifting Hope the the ability to offer these services to families in need. 

Can a volunteer crisis chaplain contact you directly for support?

For fairness and transparency's sake, not at this time. Chaplain support is based upon the institution served, and the number of volunteer hours and tenure. If you are a volunteer crisis chaplain and you believe your organization could benefit from our program, please let us know and we will be in touch.  

Our Board

Chaplain Anthony Cox

President/ Executive Director

Shawn Smith

Vice President

Cynthia Kaye Cox


Donald Clinton


Norman Garret


Paul House


The Founder

Chaplain Anthony Cox

Chaplain Anthony Cox

Executive Director

Ordained as a minister at Christian Leadership Institute, and made a Chaplain by Crisis Chaplaincy of America, Chaplain Cox is looking forward to serving the community.