My Top 7 Beauty Confessions

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I was recently tagged for #mybeautyconfession in Instagram, and it got me thinking about some of my decidedly less-than-awesome beauty habits:

– My right hand is almost always badly manicured. It often doesn’t match my left hand, and is usually chipping, tip-worn and covered in dried skin.


– I do most of my make up on the train. Yeah, I’m one of *those* girls. I just love my sleep too much! And it seems like a better use of my time than judging other commuters, or playing Candy Crush Saga (damn its addictive siren call!).

– Use-by dates? What use-by dates? I also don’t know any of those “throw [product] out X months after opening” mantras, and I don’t believe in them either – my mascara is two years old and I still use it with no problems (I must be super lucky though, since it’s not dried up!). If it smells or looks bad, I’ll bin it.

– I squeeze my pimples and blackheads. It’s like a scavenger hunt!

– I often clip my nails instead of filing it all down like a good girl, because I hate the smell of nail filings (it smells like an amino acid called cysteine, which brings back bad lab memories). Also it’s faster. I also do the frowned-upon back-and-forth.

– My cuticle trimmer is used about ten times more on my pole callouses than on my cuticles.

– I should probably floss more too, it increases your life expectancy.

What are your beauty sins? Are you repentant? Let me know!

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22 thoughts on “My Top 7 Beauty Confessions”

    • I’ve never managed to get the hang of nail scissors! My piano teacher lent me hers in a nail emergency and I managed to draw blood – those plastic guarded nail clippers were made for people like me >.<

  1. Use by dates mean nothing to me either! My rules are that is it looks or smells funky, I chuck it, and if it’s old and crappy and for some reason I still have it, I chuck it.

    I’m also a pimple squeezer. I know I shouldn’t, and I do well on that front until they reach the painfully swollen stage, then they have to go. I’m going to try hydrocolloid patches next time, to suck the nasties out before I cave to temptation.

    • I have a decades-old Clinique blush compact which has a mirror and a brush, and the hinge is broken but it’s incredibly pigmented (hence why it’s decades old) and I still love it to bits, so I think I’m immune to old and crappy! (The boyfriend has tried to make me throw it out by telling me to “stop being a peasant”, but I stil haven’t managed to find a better one.)

      I’ve never heard of hydrocolloid patches, will have to look into them! Especially if they can do something for those horrible big blind pimples I get on my chin once a month 🙁

    • In that case, keeping is fine because it’s a good quality product. It’s cases like the eight year old Covergirl eyeshadows my mum had until recently that are so terrible they barely show on the skin. They desperately needed to be thrown! Especially since I’ve now passed on plenty of better quality products to her!

      I’ve read fantastic things about the patches (every review I’ve seen has been incredibly positive), but I shall update you when I’ve reached a verdict 🙂

  2. It’s weird, I can’t stand the smell of my sisters nails when I file them down but everyone else’s nail file smells fine! I squeeze pimples religiously. . . even when I see a small white spot underneath the skin, I make it 10x worse and ends up scabbing haha stupid girl problems!

    Most of these are really similar to mine! Except my non dominant hand is pretty good 🙂

  3. Haha i barely care about my right hand! my nails always break and are uneven and my cuticles are unruly! also it never matches my right hand since i gave up attempting nail art on it. so i have a beautiful and complicated left hand, and a plain right hand.

    I am also addicted to popping pimples and black heads. It’s exciting trying to find them! i am so addicted to it that i pop my boyfriends pimples and black heads when I have popped all of mine. haha

    • We’re so lucky that asymmetric manis are “in” now! I’ve tried squeezing the boyfriend’s blackheads but they’re too embedded – I think he needs a proper facial first :

  4. i think we are all guilty of the same thing. i clip my nails (i’m convinced that filing them makes mine softer). make-up gets pitched if it smells funny or looks funny, not before. my right hand always looks like my 5 year old niece gave me a manicure. oh and i’ve just started flossing religiously, but i do it while reading blogs before bed 😉

  5. hehehe this is great! I do all the same things, except the makeup on the go, but being a stay at home parent I don’t have that pressure. Popping pimples.. too hard to resist once they get to the visible (white) or painful stage. I do floss, but not as often as I should, my nails match but only when I’m not doing anything fancy on my left hand, and the cuticles are shocking on my right 😀 Makeup doesn’t have an expiry date to me, again, only if it smells bad or separates! I also paint my toenails, sort of blindly, then take off the paint from my toes after a shower 😀 Thanks for sharing, and a giggle!

  6. What can I say, I recently dug out my virgin eyeshadow buy: a Maybelline trio eyeshadow I bought when I was probably 17. Gross! I only finally chucked it recently so I guess I’m embarking on my path of repentance… probably lol. great post, I enjoyed this!

  7. The only product I’m really picky about making sure I throw away are mascaras. I’ve heard they can build up bacteria over time. Regardless of if that’s true, I just notice that if my mascara gets too old, it starts to make my eyes really red, and so I throw mine away when I start noticing that.

  8. It’s ok we are all a little gross 🙂 The cuticle nippers are my BFF. If you are are back and forth filer you should look into that special Revlon file that files and smooths with the back and forth motion. It’s great! I got a bit lazy and now my nails are too long to file down. I hate the smell it totally smells like Cysteine!


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